On-Chain KYC Reimagined.

Sec Identify promotes more accountability and responsibility within historically a KYC-less environment by streamlining KYC processes and storing pseudo-anonymous data in a SoulBound token (SBT).

On-Chain KYC is Borderless in Nature

Sec Identify’s KYC provider is compatible with over 90% of the countries around the world and supports a variety of identification documentation for greater flexibility.

Countries Supported

Document Types Supported

Transparent yet pseudo-anonymous

Our On-Chain KYC Standard

Sec Identify is creating a new On-Chain KYC standard.

Compliant KYC Process

User connects wallet, actions payment, and then goes through a fully compliant (off-chain) KYC Process. The KYC information is stored with the KYC provider in a safe and compliant manner.

Issuance of Pass (SBT)

Upon successful KYC, Sec Identify issues and links a SoulBound token with limited information (for privacy reasons) to the wallet. This token will contain KYC date, expiry date and limited personal information to identify the wallet owner.

On-Chain KYC Verification

As the SoulBound token is publicly verifiable on-chain against the wallet, other dApps can freely verify KYC status on-demand and request for re-verification in case the SoulBound token has past its stated validity date.

Pricing for
On-Chain KYC

The below are overview pricing for Sec Identify’s KYC On-Chain service. Whilst renewal is not enforced by Sec Identify, 3rd-party checks may request for recent validity.

Standard Edition

New KYC for the individuals
Per Month, 1st Year Only
(Billed Annually)
  • Full KYC Process
  • Issuance of Pass (SBT)
  • Avatar Selection *
  • Customisable Display Name
  • Pseudo-Anonymous On-Chain Identity

Patron Edition

Exclusive pricing for WL & first 500
USD8.25 USD 4
Per Month, 1st Year Only
(Billed Annually)
  • All Features of Standard Edition
  • Limited to First 500 Only **
  • USD $2.42 / m Renewal Fee *
  • Patron Edition / Tier for Life ***


Within 14-months from previous KYC
USD8.25 USD 2
Per Month, After 1st Year
(Billed Annually)
  • Special Renewal Price *
  • Full KYC Process
  • Re-issuance of SBT
  • Re-selection of Avatar **

The Pivotal Role of KYC

“The complexities of the regulatory requirements provides both a barrier to and opportunity for KYC transformation.”


Encompass Corporation

“36% of financial institutions surveyed claim to have lost customers and prospects due to insufficient or slow onboarding procedures.”

Research Survey

“Onboarding is more important than ever with today’s environment, especially with financial service firms’ increased attention to the customer experience.”


Importance of KYC

Are you ready?

Embrace the new on-chain KYC standard through storing pseudo-anonymous data on-chain with assurance that private identity data is in a regulated, compliant enviornment.